Within the brewing industry consistency of each product is key to success. Production on the site has increased and with this comes additional needs so that the quality of the final product is achieved.


We work with Marston’s to ensure that we are supplying the correct cleaning and sanitising chemicals to meet their ongoing requirements.  This is then backed up with regular visits by the dedicated Holchem technical team to deliver the required advice and support to help achieve the highest level of plant hygiene.

Fundamental to the success of the whole cleaning and hygiene regime is our understanding of what Marston’s is trying to achieve and ensuring that the whole operation is maintained from a plant hygiene point of view. 


We have worked with Marston’s across its five breweries for over 14 years to help achieve the perfect pint time after time.  Some of the investigative work carried out has springboarded continuous improvement work on site.

Feedback from the project

“Good plant hygiene is fundamental to producing a good quality product. Holchem understand what we are trying to manage and are very keen to help us deliver that. They are very good at resolving problems in an efficient and speedy manner. They are also very good at anticipating potential glitches.”

Hector MacDonald, Quality Manager, Marston’s

“Supplying Marston’s is very much a technical related approach.  It’s not just about supplying chemicals, it’s about the technical back up in terms of improving the quality, cost and efficiency and time it takes to clean.”
Peter Thorman, Brewery and Beverage UK Sales Manager, Holchem