The site was looking to strengthen their Listeria management protocols by introducing a regime of alternating disinfectants between non-oxidising and oxidising. Holchem has worked with the customer for many years on a wide variety of added value projects and were happy to assist.


Holchem suggested that introducing Perbac OPD, a unique Peracetic acid disinfectant designed for open plant disinfection, on a weekly basis would be a valuable addition to their current Listeria management programme.

Holchem assisted the site with initial trials of the product ensuring that the application equipment was suitable. The disinfection protocol was validated and then training of the hygiene team was carried out.


By assisting in this process, site teams are trained on how to use this product effectively to ensure the desired results are achieved. This gives the site the confidence to carry the process out and incorporate it into the current Listeria management plan.

Feedback from the project

"Holchem are very good at supporting trials and this occasion was no different. Paula was accompanied by Alan McNeil who was also a great help when it came to setting up the correct dosage. I appreciate all the assistance and advice given and I’m sure it will help our Listeria management programme."

Ronnie Queen, Hygiene Manager