Our Supply Chain

At Kersia, we are in control of every section of the supply chain, which ensures that our performance levels are second to none. The facility, Gateway House, encompasses 105,000 sq. ft. of process area, warehousing, technical centre and offices and being on a single site encourages communication between all departments.

Product Development

The supply chain starts with product development by a team of experienced chemists who not only understand the product requirements but also the legislative, environmental and sustainability aspects of the product and its raw materials.

Customer Care Advisors

The team of customer care advisors process orders against customer orders received by email or phone. Cross checking procedures aim to ensure minimum error occurs between customer requirement and received product.

Production & Warehousing

The majority of orders are picked from stock enabling a short lead time, from receipt of order to delivery, of typically 7 days. The modern tank farm and state of the art production facilities are combined with storage for almost 5,000 pallets for packaging and finished goods. The fully integrated “recipe” driven production facility has a range of blending vessels enabling efficient operation but with flexibility to meet customer demands.


We operate our own fleet of wagons, bulk tankers and vans with our own trained drivers providing great flexibility and response to our customers. Proven and long established third party carriers provide backup allowing flexibility for emergency deliveries. Urgent deliveries are made in agreement with the customer; this may involve a charge if an outside carrier for next-day or same-day is required.


By reusing 25 litre kegs, drums and IBC’s as well as palletised containers, we go further than solely meeting our obligations under legislation and minimise the impact of packaging as much as we can. Typically, Kersia recycles more than 195,000 plastic kegs/year. We do this by encouraging our customers to return empty and rinsed storage containers, which then allows us to fully launder and reuse them.

Procedure for preparation of used containers prior to return to Kersia:

Video: https://youtu.be/mnglmvv8eUI