Service & Support

The Kersia team, from sales to scientists, work closely with businesses to advise on all aspects of hygiene including: the selection and application of cleaning and disinfection products, dosing and control, pathogen management, allergen management, cleaning advice, cleaning optimisation, hygiene management systems, training, audit and review.

Kersia aim to ensure that all customers are aware of what would be regarded as cleaning and disinfection best practice for their circumstances. By working with customers and building long-lasting relationships Kersia strive to provide tailor made cleaning solutions, delivering real results. The advice we offer has a track record of making a material difference for our clients.

The company philosophy of “do what you say you are going to do” remains unchanged since the business was started and the family values of hard work, innovation, trust and professionalism underpin every aspect of our business.

Our management and technical support teams offer expert advice, helping you to deliver the best possible hygiene programme to suit your environment. The teams are structured according to the division in which they operate. The type of service and support offered is tailored to the requirements of that division and more importantly to the needs of our customers in those divisions.

Each customer will have a main point of contact for coordination, management, reporting and review of all support and services we provide. They will work with you against an agreed structure of visits to meet your hygiene requirements. In support of the main contact are specialist teams covering areas such as equipment advice and service, hygiene documentation generation and technical audit and review. The teams provide on-going reactive and investigative technical advice.