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Poultry Farms

Cleaning, disinfection and protection, within the poultry sector.

In agricultural production, disease and sickness amongst animals can be very costly, reducing productivity and profitability as well as putting livelihoods at risk.

Good hygiene is not a matter of luck or achieved through the use of a single product, but as a result of a holistic approach to implementing targeted measures to prevent the risk of infection by contamination from pathogenic micro-organisms.

By lowering the risk of disease occurrence and providing an enriched environment for animals to thrive, this enables sustainable production to continue and thereby reducing the need for antibiotics and lessening the impact on the environment.

Innovation is at the core of Kilco and with Kersia we are leading the way, constantly evolving to ensure we meet market and regulatory requirements, whilst at the same time continuously focusing on our environmental impact and food safety.

Our innovative programs cover a range of detergents and targeted disinfectants, through to ULTRADIFUSSION®, which utilises a sophisticated slow combustion technology.

Whether your business involves poultry farming, hatcheries, feed mills, transport or processing activities, our comprehensive solutions can be adapted to the risks encountered and help you to identify the critical control points allowing the selection of the most suitable products and applications to ensure all microbial and seasonal challenges are covered.

biosecurity for poultry farms

Biosecurity for Poultry Farms

From detergents to disinfectants, our products can help you to reduce the threat of disease pathogens from disrupting and affecting your poultry farm business.

newborn Chicks

Poultry Farm Cleaning & Disinfection

A range of detergents and disinfectant product solutions for your farm business requirements within the poultry sector.


Speciality Products

A range of speciality products for use within the the poultry sector, developed for times or situations, which dictate a more specialist approach.

Fumigation and Fogging

Poultry Farm Fogging & Ultradifussion

A range of products to help disinfect those hard to reach areas, for all parts of a building or specific area.

Livestock Transport Cleaning

Transport Cleaning

Transport cleaning & disinfection products for use within the poultry sector.

bedding hygiene for poultry

Disinfectant Water Products for Poultry

Disinfectant water product solutions which are essential for healthy poultry development.

hatchery hygiene


A range of detergent, disinfection and fogging products, specifically designed towards cleaning and sanitisation within the hatcheries poultry sector.

complementary feed

Complementary Feed for Poultry

A range of products designed specifically to support bird health, through all stages of production.

Feed Mills

Poultry Feed Mills

Cleaning and disinfection products for feed mills & feed storage within the poultry sector.