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Dairy Cleaning


Our range of detergent and disinfectant products have been created for use on any dairy farm business. Whether udder-health, dairy parlour hygiene, biosecurity solutions, hoof care and animal health products.

Our products are intended to complement veterinary practice and treatments, not to replace them. Working side-by-side, this ultimately benefits the farmer by creating a healthier and more productive farm business through the well-being of their livestock.

In summary, our products can help to improve livestock health, which may reduce vet bills and can assist in maximising farm productivity, in order to help sustain vaital & valuable income levels.

Dairy Plant Cleaning


A range of cleaning and disinfection products aimed specifically for use within milking parlours, milking plants & bulk milk tanks for use within dairy farm businesses.

Dairy Biosecurity

Dairy Biosecurity

A range of biosecurity products, which can help you to maintain the health of your livestock for your dairy farm business.

Livestock Hoof Care

Hoof Care Products for Livestock

A range of products designed to help to protect the health of your livestock’s hoofs.

Automated Milking System


A range cleaning and disinfectant products designed for milking robots and or electronic systems, as well as udder health products for your automated dairy farm business.

Man in Field With Cows

Animal Health Products

A range of animal health products, which may help boost your livestock in times of stress or calving, or whenever required throughout the year, for optimal herd well-being.

Udders Treated after Milking

Udder Health

A range of udder health products for pre, pre & post and post milking, to help maintain the health of dairy cows’ teats during milking.