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Pig Farm Hygiene

Detergent, disinfection and waster treatment solutions for pig farms

biosecurity for pig farms

Detergent, disinfection and waster treatment solutions for pig farms

Our range of pig farm hygiene detergent & disinfectant product solutions may help reduce the frequency of disease from affecting your livestock, as part of an effective biosecurity programme.

Good biosecurity on pig farms should not be taken lightly, it is essential to help you to control outbreaks of disease. Healthier livestock though effective biosecurity may result in less downtime, lower costs, such as medical bills and may help to protect vital income streams.

Diseases such as ‘African Swine Fever’ are an ever present threat, therefore, good biosecurity, coupled with products that are proven to help kill diseases, can help you to protect your livelihood and importantly the welfare of your livestock as best as possible.

In addition to biosecurity, our range of pig farm hygiene products also provide effective disinfectants for fresh water. It goes without saying that a continuous and clean fresh drinking water supply is essential.

We can also supply effective pest control products, which further re-enforces our commitment to livestock wellbeing for the health of your herd. Finally, our Pig Farming Area Sales Managers are always on hand to offer help and advice whenever you need it.

Water Specialist Products

Clean Water Product Solutions

Clean water product solutions, essential for healthy livestock development.

Livestock Transport Cleaning

Pig Transport Hygiene

The cleaning and disinfection of your transport fleet, is absolutely vital to ensure a disease free environment for your Pigs.

Pig Farm Hygiene

Pig Farm Biosecurity

A range of pig farm biosecurity detergents and disinfectants, designed to help reduce the threat of disease pathogens from entering your pig farm business as part of an effective biosecurity programme.

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Pig Farm Cleaning & Disinfection

Kersia Group UK offer a wide range of cleaning and disinfection products solutions for pig farmers.

specialist pig farm hygiene products

Specialist products

A range of specialist cleaning and disinfection product solutions for your pig farm business.

Weaner Production

Weaner Producing

A well-managed farm with high animal welfare and biosecurity standards is a pre-requisite to producing healthy weaned pigs.

farrow to finish hygiene

Farrow to Finish

Farrow to finish is a key area of pig production for farmers and incorporates all stages of pig growth and development.