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Poultry Farm Fogging & Ultradifussion

Fogging & Ultradiffusion products for your poultry farm business.

Our range of fogging disinfectant products, include, thermal, non-thermal with newer alternatives, in the form of Ultradifussion.

We have developed these solutions to allow poultry farm businesses to choose their preferred method of treatment, one which works best for them.

Fogging applications are extremely useful in targeting places within a chosen area, which would be otherwise extremely difficult to disinfect effectively. As a result, their use as disinfectants provides greater biosecurity for your farm business.

Fumigation and Fogging

Thermal Fogging

A range of traditional thermal fogging disinfectant products, effective for disinfecting those hard to reach places.

non-thermal fogging products

Non Thermal Fogging

Non thermal fogging products for use in those hard to reach places to help disinfect all areas within housing or buildings within the Poultry sector.

fumagri ultradiffusion


A non-pyrotechnic, slow combustion technology which diffuses its active substance in the air, thanks to a thermokinetic effect.