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Speciality Products

Speciality Products for your farm business.

In some instances a range of speciality product are required for certain times and situations, that dictate a more targeted approach to hygiene.

For example, organic farming, the cleaning of slats, cleaning feeders & drinkers and ensuring bedding hygiene is regularly changed/ cleaned out, are all extremely important.

Disease is indiscriminate and if left to build up, is capable of becoming a serious problem, if overlooked. Therefore, thorough cleaning will help to reduce viral, bacterial, fungal or microbial pathogens from building to dangerous levels.


Feeders & Drinkers

A range of product solutions to help clean and disinfect feeding & drinking outlets for poultry farm businesses.

Cocci Control

Cocci Control

A range of disinfectant products to help reduce 'oocysts', responsible for coccidiosis & cryptosporidiosis.

Chicks Eating

Feed bins and food storage

Feed bins and food storage cleaning and disinfectant product solutions for for your poultry farm business.

bedding hygiene for poultry

Bedding Solutions

A popular bedding powder, used widely for all livestock as part of an effective biosecurity programme.

Hand Washing

General Hygiene Products

A range of products for general sanitisation to further improves biosecurity measures on farm.


Pest Control

Products to help control the ever present threat of pests from affecting the health of your livestock.

Outdoor Poultry Farm


A range of products developed to support organic poultry farm businesses.

slat cleaning


A range of products designed for slat cleaning for your poultry farm business.