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Hoof Care Products

Hoof Care Products Solutions.

Livestock Hoofcare

Hoof Care Products Solutions.

Practicing good hoof care is a vital part of livestock biosecurity and is essential to help maintain overall herd health.

For example, injury or disease such as laminitis, claw disease, digital dermatitis, and foot rot can all cause lameness. We have therefore created a range of products which are effective in maintaining and caring for the health of your herds hooves.

A lame animal may experience pain, severe discomfort, unrest, disrupted feeding and social issues, as well as fertility complications.

For dairy or beef farm businesses, lameness will require veterinary intervention, which undoubtably will lead to increased medical costs, and ultimately negatively affecting income.

Protect hoofs regularly with products chosen specifically to help care and maintain hoof health, you can help to reduce problems from occurring.

Podofeet Max


A disinfectant hoof care product for dairy and beef cows, combined with a striking blue colour for ease of identification after treatment.
PA Feet 5


A peracetic acid hoof care disinfection treatment for dairy and beef farm livestock.
Farmalin Intense


An innovative, aldehyde and QUAT free disinfectant, for the maintenance of healthy hooves in dairy, beef and sheep.
Superhoof Plus


A liquid concentrate which can be added to footbaths for the maintenance of healthy hooves in dairy cows, beef and sheep.