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Bottle Wash Liquid

Bottlewash Liquid is an alkaline blended detergent designed for cleaning milk bottles which is highly caustic with a powerful de-foaming action. It is suitable for high pressure CIP cleaning. Containing a caustic based detergent which delivers powerful wetting and foam control properties. The special surfactant system ensures effective label removal too. Bottlewash Liquid is suitable for most water qualities but specifically hard water environments.

Always read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) thoroughly before use.

Storage instructions

Bottle wash Liquid should be stored in a dry area and kept away from acids.

Bottle wash Liquid has a shelf Life of 2 years from the date of manufacture.

Available in: a 25L & 200L drum from your local agri merchant store.

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For a copy of the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) relating to this product please contact your local Kersia Area Sales Manager or call our office on 44 (0)1576 205480 or email us at [email protected]