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6-Stage Cleaning Programme

A 6-Stage Chlorine-free Dairy Hygiene Cleaning Programme

6 Stage Hygiene Process

A 6-Stage Chlorine-free Dairy Hygiene Cleaning Programme

Our 6-Stage chlorine-free cleaning programme uses AUTOSAN BLUE, AUTOSCAN RED and a VIRODOX peracetic acid flush to the final rinse, which is combined with a common-sense approach to cleaning.

However, in order to work effectively strict discipline and regularity of use must be observed.

What is more the application of applying the correct product dosing rates cannot be overstated and each will differ depending on the size of your parlour, plant and tank.

In summary, our 6-Stage chlorine free cleaning programmes have been used successfully by many dairy farmers for years.

Stage 1– Wash outside of clusters & Jetters, attach Jetters to clusters
Stage 2– Rinse plant with 14 L (3 gals) of warm or cold water per unit
Stage 3– Add an approved alkaline detergent, at the recommended use rate in hot water at 70-80 degrees, allowing 9 L (2 gals) of solution per unit
Stage 4– Circulate the solution for 8-10 mins, having allowed first five litres to run to waste
Stage 5-Rinse the plant with a minimum of 14 L (3 gals) of water per unit, immediately after the 8/10 min wash cycle
Stage 6– Add peracetic acid at recommended rates to an additional cold water rinse.



A versatile peracetic acid disinfectant, which can be added to final rinse for sterilisation of a plant for use in dairy farms.
Autoscan Red


A low foaming phosphoric acid cleaner, which is particularly useful with all automated milking equipment, including robotic & electronic systems.
Autosan Blue Envirex


A chlorine free alkaline cleaner for use with all milking equipment, including robotic and electronic systems.